Sunset In A Cup

I’ll never stop being the girl who drags people outside to watch a sunrise or sunset. The power, magic and majesty of each one fill me with the awe of a child, still. My phone is filled with hundreds of photos of them that my husband believes all look alike. But I can see the difference in every one, remembering the time and place each was taken, who I was with, what the air smelled like, and how gravity held me in stillness as I breathed it all in.

In her poem beginning with this line, Emily wonders about many things. It’s about the many wonders of nature, who created them, and of course her immense pleasure in the spectacle of the sun setting. I share in that pleasure. It fills my soul. If even if for a short time, I’m filled with peace and the knowledge that there is always beauty to be found. Life goes on and begins again, every morning, giving new hope to us all.

*When trying to find words rhyming with need, I learned that “mead” is honey wine, sometimes flavored with fruits, spices and grains. The word fits perfectly.

Happy Sunday!

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